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Minggu, 30 Oktober 2011

PAIN (2011)


“Pain” tells the love story between a man who can’t feel pain and a woman sensitive to pain due to having hemophilia.

Nam-Soon (Kwon Sang-Woo) works as a money collector for a loan shark. His role is to act as a human punching bag, shocking clients into paying their debts. Nam-Soon lost the ability to feel pain a long time ago. His family was involved in a car accident and Nam-Soon was the only survivor of that accident. The guilt from causing the distraction that took place immediately before the accident and then not being able to pull his family out from the burning car has led to his inability to sense pain. Nam-Soon also lost the will to live after the accident.

Dong-Hyun (Jung Ryeo-Won) also lost her parents at a young age. Both of her parents died from illnesses. She was left all alone in the world & burdened with the debts of her parent’s massive hospital bills. Making matters worse for Dong-Hyun, she suffers from hemophilia. She supports herself by selling handmade items out of suitcase.

One afternoon, Nam-Soon and Bum-No (Ma Dong-Seok) go to Dong-Hyun’s home to collect on a debt owed to loan sharks. Dong-Hyun doesn’t answer the door and waits until she is sure the men have gone, before leaving for work. She’s startled to find Nam-Soon waiting for her. Dong-Hyun tells Nam-Soon that she doesn’t have any money for him. Nam-Soon proceeds to start breaking things and also hurting himself, while making a loud racket. Police soon arrive and Nam-Soon takes off.
Nam-Soon is not out of Dong-Hyun’s life and in fact she can’t get away from him. Dong-Hyun learns that her landlord paid Nam-Soon her apartment’s deposit money after Dong-Hyun made a loud bloody racket in front her. Dong-Hyun now has no place to sleep. She then starts to spend nights her nights in 24 hour saunas.
Then one evening in the subway as Dong-Hyun stores stuff in a coin operated locker a group of homeless men approaches her. Her father owed money to one of the now homeless men. A scuffle occurs and Dong-Hyun passes out. The homeless men carry Dong-Hyun into a van. Nam-Soon watching from a distance comes to Dong-Hyun’s aid. Nam-Soon takes Dong-Hyun back to his apartment and lets her stay there indefinitely.

A bond grows between this man who can’t feel pain and this woman sensitive to pain. They fall in love. Nam-Soon, at the urging of Dong-Hyun, attempts to find a new line of work. Meanwhile, Dong-Hyun falls ill and is taken to the hospital.
Tanggal Rilis : 7 September 2011
Kualitas : BlueRay 720p
Info :
Pemain : Sang-woo Kwone, Ryeo-won Jeong and Dong-seok Ma
Genre : Drama, Romance
Uploaded By : dhukhun
File Size : 600MB
Download Link(s) : Download
Download Subtitle : Search and Download Subtitle Here

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