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Kamis, 21 April 2011



Troy "Slam" Slamsky is a viral video guru who is a huge hit on His nagging girlfriend Miranda wants him to take his skills and growing fan

base into the real world and get a job in advertising. She is tired of living in their less than modest apartment, and sees Slam's talent as the ticket out. Slam is only interested in making his short movies, getting stoned with his best friend Harlan "Harley" Lovecraft, and someday visiting Cleveland. After a series of disagreements and the discovery that Miranda is two timing Slam with rich snob Tyler, Slam is suddenly on his own.

He soon encounters the gorgeous Erica. She is a huge fan of Slam and his work. It isn't long before the two are an item. She connects him with her uncle, Johnny Scarano a gentleman's club owner with mob ties.

Slam and Harley go on a full-fledged commercial shooting spree hyping Scarano's club. Slam is suddenly in the money and very much in love with Erica. Slam's produced videos, as well as the one's playing in his mind, are revealed in comedy sketches that are interjected throughout the film.
Tanggal Rilis : 11 January 2011
Kualitas : DVDRip
Info :
Pemain : Patrick Cavanaugh, Alex Mauriello and Brian Guest
Genre : Comedy
Uploaded By : piyorstar
File Size : 847MB
Download Link(s) : Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5
Download Subtitle : Not Available

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