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Jumat, 15 April 2011



Steven Seagal stars in this film-cum-extended TV show as Elijah Kane -- the tough-talkin'/can-o-whoop-ass unleashing leader of an elite undercover police unit

on the trail of drug dealers in Seattle. Deadly Crossing makes up one bit of the six-part Southern Justice series, originally intended for the small screen but now being bundled out straight-to-dvd instead. Wonder why the execs decided to do that?

Well, it's bad. Really bad. That probably had something to do with it. The plot, such as it is, is this: Kane leads an undercover unit on the trail of drug dealers in Seattle. Oh right, I told you that already. Sorry, that's really all there is to say.

The whole thing feels like an extended TV pilot, albeit one where they forgot to properly introduce the characters or the set up. The opening montage in particular evokes The Sopranos with its jump-cutting car journey; a singularly terrible idea.
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Tanggal Rilis : 2011
Kualitas : DVDRip Xvid
Info :
Pemain : Steven Seagal, Alex Mallari Jr. and J. Anthony Pena
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Uploaded By : zoranz88
File Size : 700MB
Download Link(s) : Part 1 - Part 2
Download Subtitle : Arabian, Bulgarian

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