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Sabtu, 02 April 2011



what about Serizawa and his armies (Tokio, Tokaji and Shoji)? What of Genji and GPS (Maki, Chuta and Izaki)? *Sigh* I still find Serizawa the

gang-leader with the most appeal ~ his appearance may be some-what ruffled (loving his attire btw – slippers and all, including him being barefooted), but he exude that calm and collected aura. And he is baka as well – in terms of his playful manner! Remember how he played the giant bowling game in CZO? Watch out for his giant dart game in here. I laughed! Ooh, he and his gang have a new hang-out place ~ it’s no longer at the roof-top of Suzuran. You would have guessed why.

Genji is still inclined to act on pure impulse. But what I like about him is his perseverance and persistence: the never know how to give-up attitude even after he is beaten to the ground. His determination is shown in his every moves of his high flying kick, grueling fist fight and head butting! And that character of his is what I believe made others joined him as his allies and why he is still the last man standing! Yosh GENJI! Banzai!!

CZII made me heart the Mikami brothers. This time around they brought the comedic relief in this movie and had more play. Of course, so did pervy Maki *giggles*. The Mikami Brothers actually jumped ship to GPS from Seriziwa’s Army but glad that they still kept on good terms with Serizawa and the rest.

Why do I talk as if Serizawa Army and GPS are two different entities and not of the same group? Because that’s what it seemed like in the beginning of CZII. I dare not comment further on this until I can fully comprehend the conversations that took place among them.

Izaki seemed to be on good terms with the freshmen trio (Kirishima and his 2 followers), but again, I couldn’t get the core of their conversation, so I’m shushed for now :( Kanashii ne?

Of course, the most anticipated scene in CZII for me was the battlefield. But before we even go there, let me first rant how much I was oozing with hate towards Housen when they coordinated an attack towards the Suzuran guys on separate accounts. I’m biased towards Suzuran (without a doubt!), and that is why I find Housen’s tactic dirty (when in fact it’s just strategy) and when they terribly injured Shoji, left Tokaji bloody, Maki, Chuta and the Mikami brothers sprawled on the ground, boy was I burning with fury!! I was cursing at heart to those Housen guys in their white uniform glory looking all smug and I wanted to get-even pronto! Especially to that thin pale guy with that long mane – whatever Ryo his name is! I guess I can be impulsive too huh? Hehe.

And about the battlefield, it was a feel-good-moment for me when I finally see GPS and Serizawa’s army brisk walked the grounds of Housen (albeit a bit late), in support of Genji. Just like the first, the feud was all about blood gushing brawl but this time around it was AMPLIFIED. Truth be told, I was never really a fan of fighting scenes, but Crows Zero and Crows Zero II is an exception. I must admit, Taiga Narumi who is the leader of Housen does add more to the action. He got some awesome fighting moves there I tell you. I was impressed. And that long haired Housen guy with the umbrella ~ whatever his name is, I don’t fancy him and I’m glad Serizawa had a one-on-one fight with him while Genji took on Taiga. You know how Tokaji and Izaki had some issues in the first movie? You will be glad to see them fighting hand in hand here. It’s like they have made their peace. Which is all good. Maa, this time around, Tokio joined in the fight. And you’re thinking “But didn’t he had a head surgery?”. I was worried too at first, but he looked kinda cool with his head gear. The Mikami brothers looked out for him as much as they could, while fighting their own battle. Did I mention, I found my liking for the Mikami brothers in CZII. *giggles*. They are funny. This goes without mentioning that Maki and Chuta fought for Genji as well. Overall, the whole fighting scene was really good ~ for me that is. As an audience, it’s as I if I could really feel the the high tensity of energy the guys are giving out to win the battle. It was well fought!

The hype over Miura Haruma being the rival gang leader from Housen, is actually over-hyped. Rather, I would say, he made his cameo. He didn’t joined the brawl, only did one flying kick scene towards the end. But that was one fine kicking scene I tell you. So if you are watching CZII hoping to see lots of Miura, maa-maa, gomen ne. You may find yourself disappointed.

And as for the CZII’s closure, I guess I expected it – somewhat. Hehe. I won’t say it here. You’ve got to watch it for yourself. At least I’m happy to see Seriwaza and Tokio behind Genji and at one final part they were saying “Yes!!” with clenched fist for a pretty darn good reason! That was another one of those ‘Yosh!!” moment for me too. And yet it was a celebration said to soon… watch out for that sh**t. Tehee.

Fuhh…it’s a relief to get to watch this finally. I can imagine, I’ll be going to bed smiling tonight. And I betcha, that same lips will still be carved it a smile when I wake-up the next morning. Ureshii!!
Dated Released : 11 April 2009
Quality : DVDRip XviD
Info :
Pemain : Shun Oguri, Kyôsuke Yabe, Meisa Kuroki
Genre : Action, Thriller, Japan
Uploaded By : unclegemboel
File Size : 700MB - 699MB
Download File : CD1 & CD2
Download Subtitle : Indonesia

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